June 12, 2003

Puppy Love

Connor really loves his pets now. He loves to pet Pooka and Fergus. Fergus is especially fun to chase. Probally because he runs! Both cats have finally come around and aren't so skitish around him. Last week, we bought a puppy. He's a bulldog, and bigger than Connor at only 12 weeks. Connor loves his puppy too. The puppy is learning house rules (like no bite!), and it's hard to have both on the floor at the same time. The puppy sees Connor and thinks "PUPPY!" and tries to puppy-play with him. If he were smaller, it'd be no big deal, but this dog is big. Connor, of course, loves it completely, and doesn't get scared when the puppy gets on his back and tries to wrestle. Yesterday, we had a pretty good time on the floor together. The puppy, Farley, was calm for once, and laying down chewing on a piece of paper he stole from Connor. Connor, on the other hand, wanted that paper back and proceeded to try to take it back from Farley, even though he had half of it in his hands still. Connor just grins when Farley licks his fingers - and insists on putting his fingers in the dog's mouth. One good thing about a bulldog, that the breeder shared with us, is that a bulldog's kiss will always be "clean" - because they can't reach their butts! Ha. But those teeth are still sharp, and have to be watched. I'm looking forward to the day when our new family dynamic settles down. (And yes, the cats are doing well with a dog in the house. They tell Farley who's boss as often as they need to!)

Posted by swngrrl at June 12, 2003 10:06 AM