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Welcome to Connor's webpages. Here you'll find the latest news, info, and pictures of Connor, as well as a few thoughts by his webmistress (ie, his mommy).

Birth Stats:
Born on the new moon, August 9, 2002 at 0546
Weight: 7 lbs, 14 oz
Length: 20.5 in
Natal Planetary Info::
Sun: Leo
Moon: Leo
Ascendant: Leo
Current Stats:
Age: 18 mo
Weight: 24
Length: 32+ inches
Wearing: jeans, overalls, tshirts (24mo/2T), socks and shoes, hats
Listening: Trout Fishing in America, Coldplay, Star Wars theme
Newest Discovery: climbing everywhere, hiding
Likes: Balls, being nekked, books, water and bath, dogs, frogs, riding toys, dancing, jumping
Dislikes: nothing right now!
Words: Papa, Mama, Ba(ll), Bo(ok), (P)ooka, Cat, Car, "thankyou", (Fr)og, (D)og, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, no, yes, hat, shoe, sock, bed, cracker, rwar!, vroom!
Sign words: More/again, milk, eat/food, finished, potty/diaper/toilet

You can now get the Connor Wallpapers for your desktop PC here!

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